Our Story


At Conscious Poker we know that while poker is a zero sum game, life is not. That’s why first and foremost we have a conscious mission: to create massive value for the poker community while simultaneously giving back to those who weren’t dealt as good of a hand.

We believe that these two core values work in synergy: we can help the poker community play their hands better, while acknowledging that there are many others who weren’t dealt a playable hand to begin with.

We believe that there is more than your mere poker talent that will determine how successful of a player you become. That’s why we focus our energy on helping you tackle the two foundational elements of improving at poker: becoming a better poker player (bankroll management, mindset, focus, performance) and becoming better at playing poker (strategy, tactics, game theory).

We believe that one needs both of these core elements to reach their poker potential. And with a conscious mission, we’re changing the way things are done within the poker community.