5 Things You MUST Do to Prepare for the WSOP

Learn exactly how to prepare for the WSOP from high stakes poker pro Alec Torelli, with nearly $1,000,000 in World Series of Poker Tournament winnings.

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The Best Way to Study Poker in 2019

Learn the best way to study poker and discover a simple exercise top pros are doing to outplay their opponents, win more money and stay ahead of the curve.

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How to Play Two Pair in Poker

In this post, I'm going to answer one of the most common questions I receive from readers and share my thoughts on how to play two pair in poker. I'm going to show you some real hand examples that were sent to me and I analyzed for my "Hand of the Day" show, but first, [...]

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Mastering the Art of Hand Reading in Poker

In this in depth blog post we're going to cover hand reading in poker, hand ranges, what they are, how to use them, and why there crucial to you success. And most importantly, how to master the art of hand reading by learning to put your opponents on a hand range. But first, I want [...]

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The 7 Best Poker Apps to Improve Your Game

Here is a list of the 7 best poker apps to improve your game that I use daily. I literally couldn’t keep up with the game like I do without them. And the best part is many of them are entirely free! If you prefer to discover the 7 Best Poker Apps in a video [...]

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