How to Get Poker Coaching in 2024

How to Get Poker Coaching in 2024

Hiring a poker coach is an excellent option for improvement-obsessed players who want to learn how to play their consistent A-game and improve their win rate in the absolute fastest time.

An experienced coach can help players with the tangibles (math, bet sizing, equities, ranges, fundamentals) as well as intangibles (tilt control, bankroll management, treating poker as a business, and mindset).

Private Poker Coaching

It’s easy to be confused by the numerous private poker coaching options.

You want to learn from a coach with a relatable coaching style that suits your personality.

Conscious Poker Founder Alec Torelli’s coaching philosophy centers around a contextual training approach emphasizing simplicity, logic, and immediate applicability.

Unlike coaches who overwhelm their students with technicalities, Torelli’s method is straightforward, proven, and highly effective.

If you want to improve your poker skills, private poker coaching can help you in many essential ways.

Here’s a fraction of what you can learn in Alec’s private poker coaching:-

How to treat poker as a business – and build your way up in a focused, strategic manner (in 2024 and beyond)

How to turn ‘EV’ into Actual Cash – and play with the absolute confidence of a crusher or regs.

Mastering the ‘Art’ of Game Selection – the best players win 70% of cash games but cash in less than 20% of tourneys. This is why optimal game selection is at the heart of risk mitigation.

Moving up in stakes – and why blindly memorizing game theory charts and relying on AI bots will no longer cut it.

Contextual Learning – learning how to apply a particular strategy of play to multiple situations

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Navigating mid to deep stakes of MTT’s – by being keenly aware of the changing table dynamics.

Milking your image – how to get inside the mind of your wily, perceptive opponents, get them to believe exactly what you want them to believe, to pull off advanced level-3 bluffs.

Reaping the exponential benefits of the long run – how playing the right game, correct game selection, and a proper business plan can help you maximize the benefits of the long run.

How to develop an EDGE and play your consistent A-level poker – you can’t move up in stakes and compete against wily, perceptive players unless you do so

Playing with mindfulness – how to get into a flow state using the mental models/frameworks that Alec personally uses when playing some of the biggest games on the planet

Using Poker a Vehicle to Improve Your Decision Making – how to use intangible poker learnings to improve strategic thinking and negotiation skills in your professional life.

How to Build Your Dream Poker Life – and gain respect and support from inside and outside the community, find balance with your poker lifestyle and customize it your exact desires.

Mastery vs. Performance – how to optimize your poker goal setting, so that it aligns perfectly with your poker journey, draw an exact roadmap, all the while getting direct feedback from Alec.

How to stop your conscious mind from micromanaging your subconscious mind – and how to feel your way through a hand, relying on sensory and intuition.

Private Poker Coaching in Los Angeles

  • Poker fans frequent Los Angeles, a thriving city well-known for its entertainment sector. The city draws players of all skill levels with its abundance of casinos and private clubs that provide a wide range of poker games. Private poker coaching has become popular for players wishing to improve their game.
  • When you get private poker coaching in Los Angeles, you don’t just learn the game’s rules; you get a whole experience covering strategy, psychology, and decision-making.
  • Alec’s 1-1 coaching is designed to help you become better in an exclusive and customized environment.
  • If you are a busy entrepreneur or professional from Los Angeles, Alec’s 1-1 coaching could be a great fit for you.
  • Both virtual and in-person options are available.

Live Poker Coaching in Las Vegas

Coaching is one of the most challenging assignments for live poker players.

With the assistance of their stats, online players can effortlessly monitor their progress and have a coach observe their screen while they play.

It facilitates seamless collaboration between the player and coach during and between sessions.

That isn’t an option for live players.

This is why the return on investment for these live coaching sessions can be immense.

It could pay for itself within the first few months of play, even if the coach only finds a few holes in your game.

If you want to be a winning player at $2/$5 NL, $5/$10 NL, $300 MTT’s or higher, live poker coaching might be for you.

How to Move Up in Stakes

  • Private poker coaching is one of the fastest ways to learn how to improve your win rate and move up in stakes.
  • Players can learn the tangible and intangible skills and techniques they need to feel confident against intelligent and wily players.
  • Rather than just mastering theory, private poker coaching will help you range of diverse skill sets in an exclusive 1-1 setting.
  • This means, along with understanding basic concepts like your position, hand ranges, pot odds, implied odds, and equity, you will also learn the game’s exploitative strategies and psychological aspects.
  • Moving up in stakes isn’t just about making more money but also about getting better at the game, which means so much to all of us.

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What is Alec Torelli's Poker Coaching Approach?

Alec Torelli is one of the best poker coaches, continually developing new and effective coaching methods.

Contextual Training: Torelli makes complicated ideas easier to understand through contextual training. His attention is on real-life situations instead of giving too many technical details. It makes sense right away how he approaches things.

Logical Thinking: Torelli connects theory with application. His students learn what to do and the underlying reasons for such actions.

Mindset: Mindset and mental toughness are also very important in Torelli’s coaching style. Poker is a very mentally challenging game, so staying focused, confident, and controlling your emotions is essential.

He helps players build the mental toughness they need to do well under pressure and overcome tough times by using awareness methods, visualization exercises, and cognitive-behavioral tactics.

Not Ready for Private Coaching Yet?

  • If Alec Torelli’s VIP private coaching is costly or beyond your financial means, you could sign up for Conscious Poker Membership.
  • You can get a lot of help from other members, watch how-to videos, read strategy tips, and get help from other members worldwide.
  • Doing this before getting private coaching may be helpful so you can learn at your own pace and improve your skills slowly.
  • Remember that getting from micro-stakes to mid-stakes to high-stakes is a long journey. Everyone should enjoy the process, learn from the best, and keep climbing.

Who is Private Poker Coaching for?

Private poker coaching is an excellent resource for players of all skill levels, not just big rollers and seasoned pros:

Intermediate Players Seeking Progress: Private coaching can help you break through a wall if you’ve reached a plateau. Coaches look at your game, find holes in your game, and give you precise tips. It is especially relevant for break-even players or players stuck at the same stakes level for years.

Seasoned players who used to play limit and stud back in the day are uncomfortable with the NL games and want to return to their winning ways.

Fine-tuning and optimization: coaches help you make your game better. A player’s hand range, bet size, or mental toughness improve their success.

Players with Particular Objectives: Whether aiming for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet or dreaming of World Poker Tour (WPT) success, private coaching sharpens your tournament abilities

Cash Game Grinders: Coaches analyze the technical aspects of cash games, such as pot odds, table dynamics, and maintaining a balanced game to stay ahead of the competition.

Anyone Committed to Growth: Coaches help professionals who are short on time learn quickly and effectively by prioritizing study time around their busy plans.

Live poker players can benefit from private coaching by learning to read opponents, master tells, and get the most out of every hand.

Wrapping Up

Poker players who want to improve their game in 2024 should consider getting private coaching.

Although free tools are available, private poker coaching provides you with personalized assistance.

Reputable high-stakes poker player Alec Torelli uses a contextual coaching method that prioritizes logic and simplicity.

In contrast to coaches who are too technical, Torelli’s approach is a practical and proven approach to getting better at poker.

Alec Torelli
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