Playing for Passion vs. Playing for Money. Which Type Are You?

Learn the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how one’s purpose for playing poker dramatically influences their enjoyment, performance and long term results.

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I Lost $124,798 in a Hand of Poker. Here’s What I Learned.

Using the lessons I learned from poker, including an analysis of a high stakes hand I played on Full Tilt Poker, we discuss risk management and decision making and how they apply to real world scenarios.

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How to Use Poker Hand Ranges to Outplay Your Opponents

Learn the basics of poker hand ranges, how to correctly put your opponents on a hand range, and when to apply pressure in poker in this easy to follow blog.

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How to Become an Overnight Success in Poker

Society has misunderstood what it means to be an overnight success. Learn the compounding success formula, how exponential growth works, and how this applies to your life and business.

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How to Plan Out Your Poker Bluffs

In a recent coaching session with my client Mack, we discussed how to plan out his value bets. This week, he reached back out with a question about how to plan out his bluffs.

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