Mastering the Art of Hand Reading in Poker

Alec walks you through his fool proof ‘four step process’ for making decisions at the poker table. You can apply this system to any situation you face vs. any opponent in any game.

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The 7 Best Poker Apps to Improve Your Game

These are the most easy to use and best poker apps engineered to improve your game, calculate your win rate, keep diligent records, stay focused, and more!

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7 Tips to Overcome Bad Beats in Poker

Discover the 7 ways you can immediately overcome bad beats in poker. This will allow you to reduce tilt, and play with confidence and focus.

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Is it Wrong to Play Poker?

Pro poker player Alec Torelli raises an ethical question about the implications of playing poker with our time. Is it wrong to play a zero sum game?

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What Life and Poker Have in Common

Life, poker and business: beating these games require the same skillset. Learn the similarities between these three and the mindset which will help you win at all of them!

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