Is it Wrong to Play Poker?

Pro poker player Alec Torelli raises an ethical question about the implications of playing poker with our time. Is it wrong to play a zero sum game?

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What Life and Poker Have in Common

Life, poker and business: beating these games require the same skillset. Learn the similarities between these three and the mindset which will help you win at all of them!

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Winning Back-to-Back World Poker Tour Events

The story of how Alec Torelli won back to back tournaments at the World Poker Tour Fiesta al Lago at the Bellagio Hotel, becoming the only player in history to do so.

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The Story of How I Dropped Out of College to Play Poker Professionally

This is the story of how Alec Torelli dropped out of Southern Methodist University during his freshman year to pursue his dream of playing poker professionally.

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The Ultimate Guide to Poker Bet Sizing Strategy

Learn how to master poker bet sizing strategy, game theory, and exploitative play to win more money and crush the competition.

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