Phenom Poker: The Future of Online Poker

Phenom Poker: The Future of Online Poker

I’ve been playing online poker since 2004, and have seen firsthand how the landscape has transformed over the past two decades. 

I lived through the golden days of online poker, where high-stakes games on Partypoker and Full Tilt Poker were abundant.

I was the 9th biggest winner in the world in 2007 on Full Tilt, under my alias “traheho”.

I remember Black Friday like it was yesterday, where player funds were frozen overnight and thousands of us were unsure whether we’d ever see our bankrolls again.

I’ve seen cheating scandals run rampant, eroding the trust of our online community. Players have had the rug pulled out from under them by greedy operators, who cut their benefits without notice.

Sadly, voiced opinions and demands for a better experience often went unnoticed. Countless poker sites have come and gone in the past 20 years, yet there never seems to be one that truly puts the players first.

It’s time for a change.

Today I’m proud to announce a partnership with a transformative poker site that is poised to disrupt the global online arena: Phenom Poker. I am both an ambassador for and an investor in them.

So, what makes Phenom Poker unique, and why will it transform the industry?

Let’s dive in…

Phenom Poker: The Place to Play Poker Online

  • Phenom Poker is the world’s first poker site that makes every player an owner. It’s built by the players, for the players, and is governed by the entire poker community.
  • Phenom Poker improves upon the many shortcomings of the current online poker landscape in issues such as fairness, transparency, player protection, and shared ownership.
  • Players enthusiasts can choose from a wide array of 30+ variants, from the classics such as No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha to more esoteric games like Open Face Chinese Poker and Badugi.
  • Phenom is open for beta testing in April, and the public launch is set for May. Join the waitlist today and earn 100 free tokens when you sign up through this link.
  • So, what are these tokens and how do they benefit you? Let’s explore that as well as the other incredible features that make Phenom Poker unlike any other online poker site in the world.

Watch my interview with Phenom Founder Matt Valeo

Community Ownership

Community control is at the heart of Phenom Poker in a way that no other poker room does.

In contrast to most online poker sites, where players don’t have much say over how the platform works, Phenom gives its players power by making them co-owners.

Most online poker players earn rakeback. This helps them stay positive in the ever-changing poker landscape. Phenom Poker improves upon this model by offering rakeback in the form of tokens, which represent equity ownership in Phenom Poker itself.

50% of the tokens are distributed to players, completely decentralizing the ownership of Phenom Poker.

The best part? Your tokens entitle you to a share of the profits.

50% of Phenom Poker’s profits are distributed (airdropped) to token holders each week in the form of cash (USDT).

Phenom’s community ownership plan gives players more than just cash benefits; it also gives them a say in how the games are run and what type of online community is built.

Through an open voting system, players can suggest and vote on a wide range of ideas, from the distribution of revenue to how to keep the game safe.

This open method ensures that player concerns are considered and the platform grows in a way that fits community values, as well as leverages the collective of the brightest minds in the poker industry.

Want to cash out?

Phenom Poker will buy your tokens for cash at any time. Simply redeem them with one click through the company treasury. The tokens are generously priced at 10x the annual revenue that Phenom accrues.

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How to Earn Phenom Tokens

Living up to its mission of being community-owned,50% of all the rake is distributed to token holders as a dividend, making Phenom Tokens an income-producing asset, which can appreciate in value as the site grows.

Plus, the other 50% are owned by the founders, investors, and ambassadors, all of whom are players too and share the same interests and values as the community

While your Phenom tokens can be redeemed at any time for cash (in the form of USDT) from the treasury,Phenom tokens cannot be purchased. They must be earned.

The time to earn is now.

Phenom is offering incredibly lucrative signup bonuses to “agents”, or people who onboard users to Phenom.

In addition to receiving 10% of the rakeback of every player an “agent” onboards, paid in cash (USDT), agents also receive 100 tokens for each player. The player they sign up also receives the 100 tokens, making this an easy win-win.

In addition, agents receive bonus tokens for hitting milestones 

  • 50 New Users – 4,000 bonus token
  • 100 New Users – 8,000 bonus token
  • 250 New Users – 20,000 bonus token
  • 500 New Users – 40,000 bonus token

Bonuses are cumulative, so for example an agent signs up 100 new users, they receive 12,000 total bonus tokens, in addition to the 10,000 base rate tokens (100 per player) for a total of 22,000 tokens.

Note: This is exclusively a prelaunch promotion, and the bonuses only apply to people who are onboarded within 60 days of launch. (Tentative launch is May 2024). Players must generate $100 in rake to qualify

How Much Are Phenom Poker Tokens Worth?

  • The token price is launching at $0.50 but has the potential to quickly grow as the site signs up players and accrues more rake.
  • I remember being an affiliate for PartyPoker back in 2005, and simply by hustling within my limited network, had scaled the business to make $30,000 a month at its peak.
  • I haven’t seen something this lucrative since, and believe being an agent for Phenom could be a 5 figure passive income stream for the right agents.
  • While I can’t make price predictions about the Phenom Token, I can show you a simple model of how it could look.
  • An example. If an agent signs up 250 players, they would receive a total of 57,000 tokens.
  • The Phenom Poker token price is 10x its annual earnings. If Phenom Poker generates a mere $2M/month in rake, that’s ~$25M in annual revenue, which puts the market cap at $250M.
  • Phenom Poker has a fixed supply of 50 million tokens. This would put Phenom Poker’s token price at $5.
  • By comparison, $25M in annual rake is still a very small poker site.
  • Therefore, if an agent were to sign up 250 players using the example above, they would earn a one-time bonus worth $285,000.
  • In addition to that, after the bonus period ends, agents will continue to earn rakeback from their players, providing them additional income.
  • Again, this lucrative signup bonus is only available for the first 60 days after launch, making this extremely time-sensitive.
  • To qualify as an agent, you have to be able to sign a minimum of 50 players. If you are interested in being an agent, please fill out this short form and I’ll personally get back to you and help you get started.

Avoiding Counterparty Risk

Security and openness are essential to Phenom Poker.

Phenom is different from other online poker sites because it incorporates Web3 technology.

By leveraging the blockchain, Phenom Poker eliminates the need for traditional payment and transaction methods

None of the funds are ever custodied by the poker site. Every time you sit down to play, you deposit funds from your crypto wallet which you own and control onto the table.

Each table is its own “smart contract” built on the Polygon blockchain (a “layer 2” scaling solution for Ethereum). Once you leave the table, the funds are settled instantly and sent back to the wallet of your choice

This means the only money that is ever “at risk” are the funds with which you are using to play

It makes the site safer and lowers the risk of large-scale financial losses like those seen on Black Friday.

The best part?Transactions are virtually free. It costs less than a penny to sit down at a table, and cashing out is free

Cheating, Collusion, Bots and Poker AI

Bots, cheating, and real-time assistance (RTA) are all problems in online poker that make players less likely to trust the game.

While it’s impossible to promise nothing shady will ever take place, nor ban cheating completely, Phenom has some innovative ways to maximize the safety of their site.

Phenom Poker always seeks its players’ best interests by using strict Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, honest and transparent business practices, and cutting-edge technology.

They also have large anti-deterrent cheating mechanisms, such asdoxxing the real identity of anyone caught cheating, and utilize big data to monitor players betting patterns to detect both collusion and the use of RTA. Anyone who is caught is immediately banned for life

Unlike other poker sites, which glaze over bot use, and seem to have a lackadaisical approach toward collusion, as is evidenced by not displaying players’ country of origin, Phenom takes great effort to ensure the game is as fair as possible

Whereas other poker sites benefit from these practices because it ultimately generates more rake, it comes at the expense of the players. Complaints from the community often fall on deaf ears

Not with Phenom.

Since Phenom Poker is community-owned and governed, we decide how we want the site to operate and the rules and restrictions we set in place to prevent cheating, bots, and collusion. 

Phenom benefits from its community and groupthink. Because all players are owners and anyone can submit a governance proposal, Phenom has built a resilient and innovative way to stay at the forefront of online poker security.

Low Fees, Seamless Transactions

One of the biggest problems for people who like to play poker online has always been high processing fees.

It’s not uncommon for players to pay 5% or more when depositing with a credit card.

Phenom Poker solves this by leveraging Web3 technology, where deposits are both instant and nearly free.

Player Rewards and Rakeback

Phenom Poker has a unique prize system that gives players points based on their level of play and loyalty.

In contrast to other award systems, Phenom tokens give players actual ownership of the platform, a weekly cut of the profits, and the freedom to turn tokens into cash whenever they want.

It gives people a reason to interact with the site and ensures they have a direct stake in its success.

With 5 tiers that reward players based on their level of play, Phenom is committed to putting players first and bringing back the lucrative reward tiers that used to exist on major poker sites back in the glory days.

Players who join the waitlist will earn 100 free tokens when the site launches. You can sign up today by clicking here.

Where Can I Play on Phenom Poker?

Phenom Poker’s gaming license was recently approved, and it is available worldwide. It operates on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis and is diligent in complying with local laws.

Can I Play Phenom Poker in the United States?

The legal status of online poker can be murky when there are conflicting laws like the UIGEA and the Wire Act, which were the impetus for Black Friday.

In this case, though, Phenom Poker doesn’t have much to worry about. The Wire Act prevents banking intermediaries from processing payments to online gaming sites.

However, Phenom Poker uses cryptocurrency so it does not fall into this category, making it legal to play in most states in the United States. Check your local laws to see if you are eligible to play on Phenom Poker.


The state of online poker is bleak. It’s time for a change. A poker site built by the players, for the players. One that is owned by us and governed by us.

With a focus on transparency, fairness, and community involvement, Phenom Poker changes how people play online by providing a space where players can earn equity in the form of rakeback, submit proposals and vote on the future direction of the site, and rest assured that their bankroll is always safe, custodied in their own wallets.

The beta launch for this application is scheduled for April and the public release is in May.

Click here to hop on the waitlist and join the Phenom Poker revolution!

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