Preflop Charts

Preflop Charts

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Preflop Charts

These charts are designed to be used when deciding whether or not to play your first two cards. They are based on game theory and essentially help you play perfect poker. In other words, if a computer were playing the game, without any emotion or knowing any information about his opponents, he would play these hands.

If you stick to the hands outlined in this guide you can rest assured you’ll be a profitable player. You may have heard of these hands referred to as the game theory optimal (GTO) way to play poker.

Quick Start Guide to Preflop Play

While it’s true that game theory is important for helping you build a solid foundation, the reality is that you’re not playing against a computer. That’s why I’ve created the Quick Start Guide to Preflop Play. It helps you adjust your hand selection and preflop game based on the types of opponents you face, the position you’re in and the game flow of your table.

I’m confident that if you implement the fundamentals of the preflop charts, coupled with the exploitative strategy of the Quick Start Guide, you’ll improve your win rate and make yourself much more difficult to play against.

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