The 7 Best Poker Apps to Improve Your Game

The 7 Best Poker Apps to Improve Your Game

Here is a list of the 7 best poker apps to improve your game that I use daily. I literally couldn’t keep up with the game like I do without them. And the best part is many of them are entirely free!

If you prefer to discover the 7 Best Poker Apps in a video format, check it out below!

Here Are the Best Poker Apps:

Poker App #7 Tally Counter (for iOS and Android)

On rare occasions, I use this app to tabulate how many hands I play per hour, my VPIP and anything else I want to quantify at the table. I find it useful for holding me accountable. Think you’re playing too loose at the poker table? The simple act of downloading the app and tabulating every time you voluntarily put money into the pot will keep you from being too loose. Simple but effective, and arguably one of the best poker apps for this purpose. Try it!

Poker App #6 Notes

Yup. A simple notepad. I use this free app that comes with my iPhone perhaps more than any other. Before, during and after every session I’m making notes about my game. About my opponents. About my reads. About my ideas for blogs or videos. About hands to review. Or about equities to calculate afterwards.

In short, I find that ‘Notes’ is one of the best poker apps to keep track of just about everything!

It serves as my ultimate tool to clear my head, to get ideas out and to never forget another valuable piece of information. It’s especially useful for regular games I play in. I can take notes about opponents and review them before my next session. I especially like the Siri capability. Sometimes I step away from the table and either record a quick voice memo or talk into the notepad whose incredible technology records every word I speak. That way I can get info down fast and jump back in the game!

Poker App #5 Bravo Poker (for iOS and Android)

Bravo is hands down the best poker app for anyone who wants to monitor the cash game scene in their area. Bravo Poker has made me thousands of dollars. Just the other day I caught wind of a game I may not have if I had to call in and ask what was running. I scooped in and printed. Whenever I am somewhere next to a casino, I am constantly monitoring games, and with a few clicks I can see all the action (including waiting lists) for every game type. Major casinos like Aria, Bellagio, Commerce and Wynn all update their game boards in real time through Bravo. You can also favorite your local casinos for easy viewings. Why miss another game?

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Poker App #4 Poker Income (for iOS and Android)

Definitely one of the best poker apps on the market, I use this Poker Income to track both my tournament and cash game sessions. I particularly like that it offers a touch ID verification, so my information is kept safe. Filtering results is also extremely easy. You can sort sessions by date, size, location and view independent reports for cash games and tournaments. Finally, you can add in completed sessions later, and even keep notes during the game to review afterwards.

Poker App #3 Poker Cruncher Equity Calculator

Poker Cruncher Poker Equity Calculator

This is the best poker app I’ve found for crunching the numbers. From calculating your equity in a poker hand to some quick math feedback, this app is my go-to for in-game strategy review. Want to know if you should have called that all-in with two Jacks? Simply plug in your opponent’s range and voilà! You have your equity in the pot. (Just be sure to consider your pot odds as well!)

There is a free version, but I highly recommend paying the $14.99 for their paid version. You can use it on your PC or desktop as well.
If you want a detailed review on how to use a poker equity calculator, and the exact study process I use each time I play, you can get access to it here. 

Poker App #2 Share My Pair

I’m grateful to be a ShareMyPair team pro; this useful app allows you to easily share hands with friends. It’s by far the best poker app on the market for this purpose.

Do you like my ‘HandoftheDay’ series on YouTube? All of the replayers we use are from SMP as well. You can also easily favorite or follow your favorite poker celebrities, staying up to date when they post new hand reviews!

Poker App #1 Primed Mind

This is probably the best poker app ever! We all know how important it is to be mentally ready for the game. Poker is a game of patience, discipline and courage, and if your mind is distracted with work, bills or problems, you’re not going to play your best. If you’re anything like me, there’s a huge difference between your A game and your C game, and Primed Mind gets me ‘primed’ to play my best poker before each session.

With a wide array of meditations ranging from ‘playing with confidence’ to ‘preparing for final tables’, there’s something here for everyone. They also have non-poker related content as well, and I’ve used Primed for business, public speaking and winding down before bed.
You can download it free here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on the 7 best poker apps. Which one was your favorite? Do you have any ‘best poker apps’ you can recommend? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thanks for your attention.

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