Discover How The Godfather of Poker, Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson Inspired Me to Formulate the CIPPS Process Which Has Been Used By More than 3,000 Players To Catapult Their Winnings and Move Up in Stakes

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I Know It Sounds Crazy but the CP Membership Has Helped Catapult the Winnings of More Than 3,000 Players….

Had I not known these players personally, and seen them evolve, I would be as skeptical as you…

Like 64-year-old Shawn for example…

A successful business owner, and comfortably retired, Shawn started playing again after a long hiatus a couple of years back…

But, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to replicate his professional success on the felt.

Shawn was out of sorts at NL games against the aggressive “kids” …the ones who could play super-tight…and then all of a sudden spewtard like there’s no tomorrow…

However, just 8 weeks after finding us, Shawn went from being the “rookie poker player with no hope” to “consistently earning $5K/month”…

Kevin’s story is perhaps even more impressive…

A couple of years back, he saw the huge amount of money floating in the marketplace.

And he knew it was his for the taking!

But you see, Kevin was smart. He knew he needed help getting it.

So, he reached out to the Conscious Poker Community, and worked hard on improving his mindset and fundamentals…

The result?

Within just a few months, his earnings jumped from $20/hour to $120/hour…

Still not convinced?

Poker Training and Poker Coaching

Then Meet Jugal, Who Used to Solely Rely on Self-Study Prior to Finding Us…

But, after getting inconsistent results for 5 years, Jugal realized that he would never fulfill his dream of crushing it at WSOP unless he found an alternative approach to hone his strategic thinking and intuition…

An “out of the box” approach that would truly fast-track his results…

After joining us in the summer of 2021, among other things, we gave him a strategically sound framework for determining whether checking or betting was the better option…

The result?

He came in 7th at WSOP 2021 to take home a cool $86K and change.

Karissa Tanti’s poker journey is no less inspirational…

Just a short while back,  in 2021, Karissa was working as a nanny while grinding it out for long hours on the felt…

However, her nitty play and absence of a proper business plan relegated her to microstakes, and inconsistent wins at best…

She felt that her long-cherished dream of leading the poker life slipping away from her fingers.

Fortunately, she found us in the summer of 2022 and learned our six-step framework, CIPPS that teaches players how to approach poker like a business.

Among other things, Karissa learned how to abandon her nitty play and exploit her underdog status to pull off unexpected bluffs when the time was right. 

She learned the art of judicious game selection, and how to use it to reduce variance…

And last, but perhaps most important, finding women role models in the Conscious Poker community helped shed her niggling self-doubts…

The result?

Today, she is a full-time pro earning consistent profits at $2/$5 NL, $5/$10 NL, and $500 MTT”s.

Next Meet Sean, and Discover the Superlative ‘State of Being’ Driving His Consistent A-Game

You know those times when you watch in disbelief as competitors in extreme sports like parkour, big wave surfing, or skateboarding defy great odds?

A small lapse in concentration…a mistimed move…or even a tiny equipment glitch can cause serious injury… and possibly even death…

And yet, while we watch them nervously display their prowess, it is almost as if these elite competitors enjoy being in the face of peril…

Greater the pressure…the better they seem to perform…

The reason why they can perform in this superlative manner is because they have access to a specific “state of being”…

Which we call as “Flow State”

In fact, using FLOW STATE techniques has even allowed Navy SEALS to train elite snipers to be 490% faster than just a decade back…

And professional poker is no different….

Sean realized the importance of working on his mental game.

And this is what drew him to us in the summer of 2021…

Sean figured out how to retain his “Flow State” for hours on end using our CIPPS process.

Now he can,

Play his A-GAME for hours to an end

Recover quickly after a loss

Fight his fears and emotions in high-pressure situations

Check out what Sean has to say about us.

Today, I want to give you the same advantage as Shawn, Kevin, Jugal, Karissa, Sean and more than 3,000 players like them.

The reason the Conscious Poker Membership works so well is because it uses the CIPPS training process that has been honed to perfection after playing at the highest levels for more than 17 years.

I was inspired to formulate the CIPPS process by none other than the grand old man of poker, Doyle Brunson (I will tell you more about it in a minute)…

The entire membership has been personally designed by me. 

You also get instant access to all recordings of my private coaching sessions once you sign up.

Which means you can learn the insider secrets, plays, and strategies that some of the most advanced players are using right NOW!

If you are a beginner who plays microstakes, signing up for the membership will be useful to you…

But if you are a semi-pro or pro who wants to win consistently at $2/$5 NL or $5/$10 NL, you can implement these advanced strategies to make 2023 the absolute, best year for your poker business….

Further below, you will also find tips about mindset, reducing variance, and enjoying the benefits of the ‘long run’.

But, first let me share…

How Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson Taught a Brash, 20-Year-Old to Overcome Tilt…While Simultaneously Inculcating the Focus & Discipline for Building a Dream Poker Life

Doyle Brunson is one of the all-time poker greats. Maybe the greatest.

But many don’t know that even Doyle had to go through a fair number of downswings over his 50-year-long career.

As a young, twenty-something, Doyle and his poker buddies were constantly on the move…traveling through Fort Worth, Louisiana, and Oklahoma…

Looking for bigger and bigger games…

Finally, Doyle and his gang set their eyes on Vegas….

But, they ended up losing their entire bankroll…

This misadventure ended their cooperation.

However, Doyle then made a discovery that set him on the path to higher, more consistent success on the felt

This discovery was greatly responsible for his spectacular success in the 70’s…

1977 was one of Doyle’s best years when he won $340,000 at the World Championship. Adjusted for inflation, that works out to be more than $1.62 Million in 2023 dollars

It’s this same discovery that helped me notch up my own comeback after losing my entire bankroll as a brash, 19-year-old…

Dammit, Alec, could you please tell me what that discovery was?

Sure, but why don’t you hear it from the man himself?

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"I learned from Johnny Moss, who was the best poker player in the world at the time. So, if I had a mentor, it was Johnny Moss." ~ Doyle Brunson

Truth be told, I was truly amazed by how Doyle went out of his way once to help me out when I was struggling with the worst downsizing of my career as a 19-year-old.

Or Tom Dwan. Or Phil Ivey, and others…

Maybe, it was because they knew how difficult it was to cope with the vagaries of the game as a lone wolf.

I often wonder,

Why was I so adamant about “making it on my own”? (Mystery #1)

Why did I struggle so hard, for so long when I could have avoided much of the pain by reaching out to people who were two steps ahead of me? (Mystery #2)

Was it vain pride? Or the false notion that no one would share their secret sauce of success? (Mystery #3)

If you are a poker player who is struggling with these mental blocks, let me tell you this - you don’t have to do it alone.

Rather, learn from players who are two steps ahead of you.

Had I let go of my false pride earlier

Had I been willing to keep an open mind

And had I reached out to my inner circle sooner

I would have been able to COLLAPSE time and accelerate my success.

Learning from players who are two steps ahead of you is the surest way of plugging your leaks, acing poker psychology, and getting on the path to leading your dream poker life…

And that’s exactly what I did…

The Wisdom that I Got From Doyle, Tom, and Phil Helped me Notch Up One of the Greatest Comebacks in the History of the Game by Winning Back-to-Back Tournaments at the Bellagio.


How to Reduce Variance, Master Poker Psychology and Reap the Benefits of the ‘Long Run’

Fast-forward to 2012, Ambra and I moved to Macau where we spent some of our most memorable years….

Macau was particularly good for my poker career. I dominated some of the biggest cash games on the planet while I was there.

Life was perfect. Or, was it?

After a particularly profitable weekend, Ambra was in a celebratory mood. While I wasn’t…

“What’s on your mind? Why are you so pensive?”, she asked concerned…

I have had so many players come to me…lamenting how they went through a bad downswing, blew through their entire BR. And they give up on the game they love so much”.

“The truth of the matter is that they are playing the wrong game, their business idea is abysmal, their execution is poor or they have don’t have the right mindset…”

Like chess, poker is a complex sport. You cannot do well unless you learn how to ace the mental game.

While skills and luck are essential, the psychological element has a huge (perhaps, the greatest) bearing on poker success.

And that is WHERE most players falter.

When it comes to execution, 500 hours in a brick-and-mortar casino or 1,000 hours of online play is considered the “long run”. 

In other words, that’s when “skill” gains precedence over “luck”.

But, most players cannot make it to the ‘long run’ because they don’t have strict stop losses in place.

Another thing that players need to focus on is game selection. You see, tournaments have greater variance compared to cash games.

The best players win up to 70% of cash games but only 15%-20% of tournaments. So, figuring out an optimal mix of cash games and tournaments is crucial.

Especially, in tournaments, players forget that they have only one bullet in the tank. 

So they have to resist the urge to play marginal hands. Rather than going all-in, they must try to win a lot on the flop or turn.

Playing in a disciplined manner may rob them of the “adrenaline rush”. But that’s the only way to win consistently.

At the same time, I want to help players develop the skill and intuition to adapt to the any table/situation, when the opportunity arises.

The ultimate poker player must learn how to…


If the table dynamic is loose/aggro, playing TAG can work in their favor.

But if they are up against robotic grinders who are afraid to play nothing less than nuts or near nuts, playing a “looser than normal” sequence can work for them.

But LAGs can get into trouble when they try to bully the table for too long, and more observant players pick up on the fact they are bluffing, and counter by calling them down.

My goal is to train players who can seamlessly switch between TAG and LAG when required…

Because, if they do not adapt and keep on doing the same thing, their opponents will eventually get used to their play…and they will get crushed.

But if they want to get better at poker and earn consistent A-level profits, they must learn how to read, react, adjust and adapt…

Now, the money may be insignificant to some of them…and they may be playing out of their love for the game.

But money is how we keep the score in poker. And that is the key phrase.

The rules that applied to their younger, naive selves may no longer apply. So, they must recognize their progress and adopt a fluid approach if and when the situation arises.

And once again, never ever over-extend.

Because that’s the only way you can ride out variance, and stay standing in the ‘long run’.

“All said and done, poker is beautiful but tricky, complex, and evolving at a blistering pace.

But, everyone has a life outside of poker. They have a business or profession that demands their unwavering focus. At the same time, their family time is sacred and non-negotiable”...

And that is why getting better without expert guidance is very, very difficult”....

“How I wish I could help them plug their leaks…”

“Why NOT Create a Poker Community Where Players Have First-Hand Access to Elite Coaches, the Latest Training’s and Strategies that are Working Right NOW?”, Ambra replied in a thoughtful voice.

No sooner did she say that than a light bulb went off in my head…

And just like that, Conscious Poker was born….

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Fast Forward to Today, We Have Helped More Than 3,000 Players Catapult Their Profits, and Move Up in Stakes…

Over the past 17 years, I have been fortunate to play in some of the biggest cash game games on the planet. I have been featured in televised events on ESPN, CBS Sports and most recently the Hustler Live Stream. And I have over $1.5 Million in live tournament earnings. All that stuff has been cool…

But few things give me more joy and satisfaction than helping a fellow poker player in the Conscious Poker Community.

The reason why a Conscious Poker Membership has worked so well for over 3,000 students is that it relies on our CIPPS process which is a result of more than 17 years of hard work, and experimentation…

Unlike all other poker coaching products on the internet, the Conscious Poker Membership will give you first-hand access to elite poker coaches and some of the advanced players from the poker community…

Indeed, once you sign up, you will learn how to…

Crush it With the Poker Pros
CIPPS is our Six-Step Process to Help You Evolve into a Next Level Player...Fast

CIPPS is our six-step process that has already been used by more than 3,000 players to earn higher, more consistent profits from the game they love so much.

CIPPS is a holistic, well-rounded process that has been personally designed by me to help you get on the path to leading your dream poker life.

With CIPPS, you will learn how to Crush it with the Poker Pros.

Now, to be clear this is a highly exclusive community…

We have purposefully kept it this way because we want to help you in the best possible manner…

Once you sign up, you don’t have to go scouring through groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit to get help…

Because you can reach out to the best of the best at the click of a button…

Typically, I charge $1K for an hour of coaching…

But, once you become a member, you have direct access to me, all of the CP coaches, and some of the most advanced players in the poker community…

You can ask us ANYTHING…

This includes hand reviews, questions about poker lifestyle, mindset,  where to find the best games, or bankroll management…

To my knowledge, no one provides this level of expert access at this price point….

Indeed, this is mentorship-on-demand….

If you value time and have a burning desire to get better, our No-Limit Makeover is for you.

I have my laptop open right here, and here’s a sneak peek at the membership….

But, we could not stop here…

Apart from community access….

You Will Also Get Access to 5 Modules, 3 Bonus Modules, 300+ Videos, and 80+ Hours of Content…All Constantly Updated and Personally Designed By Me

The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes
Module 1

Poker Fundamentals

If you are new to the game of poker, no worries! In Module 1 you’re going to learn all the basics of poker strategy, from position and preflop hand selection to post flop play and how to deduce what your opponents are holding. Build your poker game from the ground up.

See Module 1 Video List
The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes
Module 2

Mastering Poker Math

In plain and simple language, Alec walks you through how to understand the math in poker. If you can do basic addition, multiplication and division, you already have the skills to master poker math. You just need to learn how to apply them to in game strategy. Become proficient with pot odds, implied odds, stack to pot ratio and equity. Once complete, you’ll be able to make profitable decisions in real time.

See Module 2 Video List
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Module 3

Preflop Mastery

Go in depth and learn which hands to play in which position in limped, single raised, 3-bet and 4-bet pots. Discover Alec’s blueprint for how to ensure you’re always positioning yourself in a profitable situation and learn to exploit the most common preflop mistakes your opponents make. Grow your confidence by learning how to play both in and out of position, against aggressive opponents and from the blinds. Learn the basics of exploitative play vs. a game theory optimal approach.

See Module 3 Video List
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Module 4

Complete Strategy Library

Uncover Alec’s complete video library of nearly 200 hand reviews, covering all poker subjects, from online to live, cash games to tournaments. Quickly find what you’re looking for using neatly organized video hashtags and our incredible search tool, which allows you to filter videos by over 30 topics. No matter what you want to study, improve or learn, there’s a video in our library for you.

See Module 4 Video List
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Module 5

Elite Section

In this never before released content, Alec pulls back the curtain and shows you recordings of his private coaching sessions. Learn the exact study process Alec uses in the lab, helping you elevate your game and ensure you’re always profitable decisions. Alec breaks down his clients entire poker session, often 15-20 hands in a row, where he walks you through the exact strategy adjustments to make in real time.

See Module 5 Video List
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Every Hand Revealed Section

Alec records himself playing online tournaments and cash games and breaks down every hand he plays. Learn to navigate the early, middle and late stages of tournaments and how to accumulate chips without cards to put yourself in a commanding position to make a deep run. See all the spots in cash games that most people overlook, and learn to outwit your opponents by exploiting their leaks.

See Bonus Module 1 Video List
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Ask Alec Section

Alec takes your most commonly asked questions and answers them in short, impactful videos. From creating an optimal poker routine and mastering the mental game to how often to study and how to better read your opponents, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this comprehensive 40+ video library.

See Bonus Module 2 Video List
The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes

Hand Reading Mastery

Use Alec’s four step blueprint to master decision making in poker. Learn exactly how to put your opponent on a hand, then layer in the poker math you learned to determine if the odds are in your favor. Master the decision-making process street by street, and learn to narrow down the types of hands your opponent can have until you are confident you know his most likely holdings. Learn when and how to incorporate reads, tells, image and history into your reasoning to make the optimal decision.

See Bonus 3 Video List

Poker Fundamentals

Mastering Poker Math

Preflop Mastery

Complete Strategy Library

Elite section

Every Hand Revealed section

Ask Alec section

Hand Reading Mastery

  1. Hand Reading System(2 lessons)
  2. Hand Reading Foundation (4 lessons)
  3. The Secret to Winning at Poker (3 lessons)
  4. Preflop Hand Review (7 lessons)
  5. Preflop Questions (5 lessons)
  6. The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker (PDF)
  7. Heads Up NL Strategy Training (1 lesson)
  8. LA LIVE (40 lessons)

Who Is This For?



If you’re new to poker, want to start from the basics and dream of stacks of chips and final tables, the CP Membership is for you.



If you have been playing poker for a while but aren’t winning consistently, you are struggling with your confidence, and overall not getting the results you deserve, the CP Membership is for you.



If you love the poker lifestyle and know deep down that you can make it work if you just had the tools and resources, the CP Membership is for you.

A Quick Recap of Everything that You Are Getting

Stop the guesswork. Get a proven system that REALLY works.


The CP Membership gives you ALL the professional tips, tricks and secrets to becoming a successful poker player. Increase your win rate and master the art of the game.


The CP Membership gives you direct access to Alec who will help you overcome the inevitable obstacles you are destined to encounter on your journey.

The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes


Share your journey with hundreds of aspiring players and our CP Coaches, who will be there to support you through the highs and lows of poker.

The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes


Unlike courses that become outdated after a few months as the game of poker evolves, the CP Membership is an expanding program meaning the content will always stay current.


Join today and get lifetime access. You’re grandfathered in even when we raise the price!

The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes


I’m so confident that you’ll love the CP Membership that I’m willing to bet on it! Join our program risk free. If you don’t get twice the value you paid, simply ask for a refund within 7 days.

The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes

Value Breakdown:



  • 5 Poker Courses – $999
  • 150+ Video Library – $799
  • Alec’s Private Coaching Videos – $999
  • Bonus Modules – $299
  • Exclusive Community – $499
  • Lifetime Access to Updates – $499
  • Valued at – $4,094



Hear It From The Players

I saw results immediately. I sit down at the table and just feel confidence. I've been on this huge upswing!

David Cordrey

Since joining the Conscious Poker Membership, I'm up $6,000 in a week and a half at $1/$3 No Limit!

Greg Howell

‘The content is phenomenal and there’s a video about every subject. It’s a great group of people who are willing to learn from each other.

Josh, Nova Scotia

Thank you to Alec and his team for putting together some incredible content. It's an unbelievable investment!

James K

I won $800 in one night and it was all because of Alec's system which I learned in the Membership.

Brian Hussar

I can't believe I didn't know about this program earlier! The Membership allows you to be a part of a community where you can share your thoughts, get feedback from others and Alec as well. It's priceless.


Join the Most Conscious Poker Community on the Internet
Get First Hand to Alec to and Other CP Coaches
Live Your Dream Poker Life

Now, you have two choices in front of you.

You can continue with your current approach. Which may likely lead to poor business decisions and inconsistent results. Your chances of reaping the exponential benefits of the ‘long run’ will reduce dramatically too.

If that is the case, I wish you the best nevertheless.

Or you can choose a PROVEN option that has been validated by 3,000+ players like yourself.

Signing up for the CP Membership is the surest way to catapult your profits, move up in stakes, and evolve into a next-level player in the fastest possible time.

What’s more, we also have a no-questions-asked 7-day money-back guarantee, and attractive payment plans. 

If you want to learn the strategies and plays that I personally use to dominate some of the biggest games on the planet, here’s your chance.

Yes, I Want to Learn the Insider Strategies from Alec

Here’s A Fraction of What’s Inside, and What It Can Do For Your Poker Business….

11 videos to learn effective pre-flop, post-flop, and positional strategy

[If you are okay with making embarrassing plays that make you the butt of jokes, don’t read this]….Module 1 – Poker Fundamentals

Learn to calculate pot odds, and equities in the absolute, fastest way

[the 6 videos in this module will break down complex subjects and put you on the path to earning higher, more consistent profits]…..Module 2 – Mastering Poker Math

Go in-depth and learn which hands to play in which position in limped, single-raised, 3-bet, and 4-bet pots plus learn the basics of GTO vs. exploitative play

[Video 3 of 11 shows you how to play aggro opponents]…..Module 3 – Preflop Mastery

Not only is hand reading extremely difficult, but failing to do so with finesse will greatly diminish your chances as you move up in stakes

 [The 10 lessons in this module will help you master decision-making using my four-step blueprint. Skip this and you can kiss your poker dreams goodbye]….Module 4 – Hand Reading Mastery

200 carefully curated hand reviews to help you master decision-making in cash games and tournaments

 It’s like learning secret ‘Single-Finger Takedowns’ that render even the larger, more experienced opponents completely defenseless….Module 5 – Complete Strategy Library


Hone your strategic thinking and intuition by gaining access to these insider secrets, plays, and strategies that some of the most advanced players are using right NOW!….Module 6 – Elite Section

How to navigate early, middle, and late stages of MTT

[these are recordings of my own plays. If you want to reduce variance, and go deep more often, this is for you]…BONUS MODULE #1 – Every Hand Revealed


From figuring out the optimal poker routine to acing the mental game to mastering hand reading….you will get the answers to some of the most critical poker questions once and for all!….BONUS MODULE #2 – Ask Alec

How to ‘get inside the mind’ of your opponents

And have them believe EXACTLY what you want them to believe so that you BLUFF your way to higher profits, glory, and respect (unique insider perspectives to help you pull off advanced, LEVEL 3 bluffs)

‘Hacking the Flow State’

The secrets to playing consistent A-level poker, no matter what the stakes, or who the opposition (this is your chance to vacuum every morsel of poker psychology from my brain that I have amassed after more than 15 years of playing at the highest levels)…….The Conscious Poker Community


How to milk your ‘poker image’ to the hilt (secret weapons to leverage a tight image and teach those cocky, aggressive players a lesson)…Module 6 – Elite Section

‘Anti-Fragile Mindset’

Like chess, poker is a brutal mind sport. I will teach you how to build an anti-fragile mindset, take losses in your stride so that you can come back stronger than ever…again, and again, and again…Module 6 – Elite Section

How to reduce variance, hit the ‘elbow’, and reap exponential benefits of the LONG RUN

[far too many players never make it to the long run because they playing the wrong game, their business idea is abysmal, or their execution is poor…GOOD NEWS: I will show you what you exactly need to do to remove these kinks from your game]…Module 5 – Complete Strategy Library, Module 6 – Elite Section

Psychological Biases that Keep You From Earning Consistent Poker Profits

[it is shocking how high-achievers are more likely to fall prey to these biases. If have been unable to replicate your professional success on the felt….RELAX: I got your back]The Conscious Poker Community

The Little Leaks that Stop you From Earning Consistent Profits at $2/$5 or $5/$10

[I know its frustrating to win at $1/$2 but get humiliated at $2/$5 or $5/$10. I will show you the EXACT tips, and strategies to move up in the stakes…FAST]Module 5 – Complete Strategy Library

Poker Solvers for Dummies!

With the rising popularity of poker software, and A.I. one would assume that gifted players with innate analytical skills have an edge on the felt. Right? Wrong!…(I will show you how to overcome your tech woes and never look back)….The Conscious Poker Community

Yes, I Want to Catapult My Profits in 2023



YES! Buy once and learn, grow and crush with the community and myself for life.


Absolutely not. The price you see even includes tax.


The Membership has hundreds of members from around the world. Members rave about the insane value they got from their investment. And since the Membership content is always growing, your investment becomes more valuable over time.

“The Membership allows you to be a part of a community where you can share your thoughts, get feedback from others and Alec as well. It’s priceless.” – Ulas, Poker semi-pro.


Alec’s Academy has a strong focus on helping you be a better poker player and the intangibles of the game, such as bankroll management, mindset, playing your A-game, tilt control, focus, discipline, study habits and more.

The Academy is an exclusive mastermind which you complete in real time alongside other students, and under the direct guidance of Alec with whom you can talk and learn from during the live coaching calls.

The CP Membership focuses strictly on how to be better at playing poker and helps you improve the tangible aspects of the game, such as poker math, fundamentals, preflop play, game theory, hand reading using Alec’s Four Step Process, and more.


Most poker training sites focus on the quantity of content, but this leads to information overload. The key to improving at poker is following a clear learning path in a linear, step by step order.

The CP Membership has 5 courses that build upon each other to help build your poker game from the ground up. You can then use our incredible filter feature and hashtags to easily sort our library to go deeper into any concept.

Most programs are DIY, whereas the CP Membership gives you access to Alec, CP Coaches and a community of like minded players looking to reach their poker goals.

Finally, with the CP Membership you’ll get access to recordings of Alec’s private coaching sessions so you can see exactly how he helps his clients breakthrough to the next level, and apply those same tactics to your own game.


Yes! We offer a payment play which allows you to break up the payments.


We can’t guarantee results, especially because there is luck involved, but we have countless stories of satisfied members who have taken their game to the next level after taking our Membership. Whether you want to become profitable, increase your win rate, move up in stakes or turn poker into a side hustle or full time endeavor, the CP Membership has the tools and resources you need to make it a reality.

‘In my last 5 sessions playing poker, I won every single one with a profit between $400 and $1,700!’ – Joel Gossett – $2/$5 NL Player, Florida.


Not at all. In fact, we consciously built this program to help people of all levels build their poker foundation from the ground up. With a linear structure you’ll go from novice to advanced as you progress through our Membership. It’s built for poker players of all levels.


Already a winning player and looking to double your win rate? Even better! Your head start will serve you well and help to expedite your learning. With hundreds of videos on more advanced poker concepts such as GTO, counting combos and range balancing in tough spots, the content in the CP Membership will help you reach that next level. It’s built for poker players of all levels.


Currently there are over 200 videos in the CP Membership and more than 75 hours of poker content.


Absolutely not. Our goal is to help our graduates make an extra $2,000 per month on the side. Many of our satisfied students accomplish their goals by playing strictly on weekends, often in 20 hours a week or less.

It’s unrealistic to immediately drop all of your responsibilities to chase a dream, BUT the strategies, systems and blueprints Alec teaches in the Academy will give you the tools and resources to turn poker into a profitable side hustle. Depending on your goals and how hard you work, you can take your poker career as high as you want!


The 30 videos are strategically released three to four times per week over the course of the 8-week cohort. Videos average 30 minutes in length. This is done to give you the necessary time to complete the actionable worksheets and implement what you have learned. Every week, you’ll receive an email with the roadmap of your study material as well as your assignments and challenges so you have a clear path to follow.

There are five group coaching calls throughout the cohort, all led by Alec. All of the content is recorded and uploaded to your member’s area, which you’ll have access to for life.

You can spend as much or little time as you want in the community, allowing for a flexible user experience.

We have many students who work full time and take the course on nights and weekends. That’s perfectly fine and we’re confident you can complete the program while adhering to your ongoing responsibilities.


Our Membership is an online course, so provided you have decent internet you’ll be able to stream all of the videos.

Although it’s rare, some countries and internet providers block video streaming services. If you’re struggling to play the content, a VPN can usually fix any issues.


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