Intro Level Products to Level Up Your Game

The Poker Coach Book

Whether it’s developing fundamental strategies for playing your cards and mastering the odds or reading opponents and following a professional bankroll management system, the easy to follow guidance inside Alec’s published book The Poker Coach gives you everything you need to take your game to the next level.

Hand Ranges Made Simple

In this guide and video series Alec reveals his proven system to master the art of hand reading. With real hand examples from Alec’s high stakes games, he walks you through exactly how to identify your opponent’s hand range in any situation, allowing you to gain an edge and outplay the competition.

The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker

A densely packed 150+ page interactive workbook that compiles the best of what Alec has learned in his 15 year high stakes poker career. Get access to the blueprint Alec uses to crush the biggest games in world, practical exercises to help you implement what you’ve learned and a step by step 5-week program engineered to get you results.