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FREE Resources to Help You Improve at Poker:

Alec’s Hand Reading System

In this FREE 7-page, detailed PDF, Alec shares his Hand Reading Methodology, together with real hand examples and try-it-at-home exercises!

This simple to follow hand reading methodology is something that anyone can apply. It even works against those loose maniacs who seem to play any two cards.

4 Secrets to Mastering Decision Making

In this FREE 60-minute training, Alec walks you through the exact blueprint he uses to make decisions in every hand he plays.

Learn Alec’s secret four step process which will help you master the art of hand reading, simplify the poker math, and make the best decision possible each time, allowing you to gain a competitive edge on the field.

Quick Start Guide to Preflop Play

Learn which hands to play in which positions for both cash games and tournaments. Go beyond the game theory and personalize your strategy using the same 5 factors Alec uses to make profitable preflop decisions.

Optimize your raise sizing, gauge when to 3-bet and start each hand with an edge.

5 Strategies to Becoming a Better Poker Player

Master the intangibles of the game, from getting the exact bankroll management system Alec has used to grow his bankroll over the past decade, to the in game ‘power routine’ mental strategies Alec uses in every hand he plays to avoid tilt, stay focused for hours and dominate the games.

Build a sustainable poker business that is engineered to achieve your goals.