Personal Invite to Join My 1-1 VIP Coaching and Have Me Mentor You in Your Poker Journey

Alec Torelli

From The Desk Of Alec Torelli
Founder, Conscious Poker

My 1-1 VIP Coaching is designed to give you all the skills that your competition at mid-stakes and high-stakes profits from you NOT having – so that you can finally earn your rightful name in this game for your creative, mindful and fearless approach.

You Are a Diligent Student of the Game

Someone who realizes the importance of fundamentals and the latest tech.

And as a battle-hardened business-owner or professional, you already have the intuition and mindset of the top crushers and regs.

Yet, when it comes to the tables, it’s failing to come together. No matter how hard you try, you are unable to replicate your professional success on the felt.

Instead of getting your nose bloodied, and figuring out the do’s and don’ts the hard way, much like the old Japanese art of Kintsugi, my customized 1-1 VIP coaching will plug your gaps, converting your imperfections into opportunities for growth.

The ultimate poker business course for players who want to improve their results at mid-stakes and high-stakes

I Have Spent 20 Years of My Life Playing the Game at the Highest Levels...

And gone through all the highs and lows that the game can possibly offer.

From losing my entire bankroll of $1.5 million as a 19-year-old to being the only player in the history of the game to win back-to-back tourneys at the Bellagio, I have experienced it all.

Back in 2015, I began coaching, and in 2017 I launched Conscious Poker and our flagship coaching program, Conscious Poker Membership for players who want to learn the latest real-world strategies in a social-learning powered, group environment.

And it worked like gangbusters. More than 3,000 players have signed up since we started.

But, I soon realized that there was a small group of players who wanted more.

I don’t really promote, market, or advertise my 1-1 VIP coaching.

Yet, to date, we have had 103 of the most improvement-obsessed players sign up.

I am talking about those playing mid-stakes or high-stakes ~ business-owners, professionals, and those wanting to resume playing again after retirement.

The one thing that unites all of them – a burning desire to get better at the game that all of us love to death.

In Just 3 Months, I Have Accelerated Their Success More Than They Have in Years, and Sometimes Even Decades…

  • We had busy entrepreneurs, professionals shock their poker groups with their level of play
  • We had players go from barely min-cashing to taking down major tournaments
  • We had players finally move up from $2/$5 NL to $5/$10 NL ,$10/$20 NL, and even nosebleeds..
  • We had players run deep in the WSOP Main Event and Seniors Events.
  • And perhaps, most importantly, we had players experience the same joy and fulfilment that they once experienced years back

Here’s a Few of Them Sharing Their Experiences:

This Is for Players Who Value Time and Have a Burning Desire to Get Better at the Game

Rather than teaching you just strategies and plays, I teach you the broader logic of why I am doing, what I am doing at the tables.

I call this method, “conceptual learning”.

I purposefully use this style of learning, because I want you to benefit from all your accumulated wisdom, on the tables as well as off it.

Here’s a Fraction of What You Will Learn in My 1-1 VIP Coaching


This is also my 15-point checklist for becoming the best poker player you can be:

  • How to treat poker as a business – and build your way up in a focused, strategic manner (in 2024 and beyond)
  • How to navigate the WSOP Main Event – Reserved for my VIP members only. I have recorded each and every hand that I played at the 2023 WSOP Main. We will go over some of the key hands, discussing why I did what I did so you can replicate it.
  • How to turn ‘EV’ into Actual Cash – and play with the absolute confidence of a crusher or reg
  • Mastering the ‘Art’ of Game Selection – the best players win 80% of cash games, but only 15% of tourneys. Which is why optimal game selection is at the heart of risk mitigation.
  • Moving up in stakes – and why blindly memorizing GTO charts and relying on AI bots will no longer cut it
  • Conceptual Learning and how to shock your poker group with your level of play
  • Navigating mid to deep stakes of MTT’s – by being keenly aware of the changing table dynamics
  • Milking your image – how to get inside the mind of your wily, perceptive opponents, get them to believe exactly what you want them to believe, to pull off advanced level 3 bluffs
  • Reaping the exponential benefits of the long run – how playing the right game, correct game selection, and a proper business plan can help you maximize the benefits of the long run
  • How to develop an EDGE and play your consistent A-level poker – you can’t move up in stakes, and compete against wily, perceptive players unless you do so
  • Playing with mindfulness – how to get into flow state using the mental models/frameworks that I personally use when playing some of the biggest games on the planet
  • Using Poker a Vehicle to Improve Your Decision Making – how to use intangible poker learnings to improve strategic thinking and negotiation skills in your professional life
  • How to Build Your Dream Poker Life – and gain respect and support from inside and outside the community, find balance with your poker lifestyle and customize it your exact desires
  • Mastery vs. Performance – how to optimize your poker goal setting, so that it aligns perfectly with your poker journey, draw an exact roadmap, all the while getting direct feedback from me
  • How to stop your conscious mind from micromanaging your subconscious mind – and how to feel your way through a hand, relying on sensory and intuition

I teach each of these topics using the methods, frameworks that I personally use in my poker business, for some of the biggest games on the planet.

So, it’s safe to say that there is zero fluff involved.

Everything that I teach is tested, again and again in real-life.

As soon as I find anything that is working for me or the competition, I am quick to share it with my VIP group.

On the top of these, I have an ever-growing library of recordings that only this VIP group has access to.

Here’s the Format of 1-1 VIP Coaching

Both virtual and in-person options are available


  • 1 full day session with me (capped at 6 hours)
  • 30 min discovery call where I create a custom learning plan with video content and exercises that are specifically tailored your needs
  • Full “Poker Diagnostic”. You write down every hand you play and send it to my team, who puts them in a replayer.
    I then break down every hand you play and decision you make, giving you my real time feedback to improve every aspect or your game.
  • Actionable exercises and homework.
  • Access to our CP Video Library with a custom learning plan.
  • Unlimited text support
  • 45-min Zoom call follow up, typically two weeks after the day session


  • 2x/month Zoom Call for 3 months (6 x 60 min)
  • Full “Poker Diagnostic”. You write down every hand you play and send it to my team, who puts them in a replayer.
    I then break down every hand you play and decision you make, giving you my real time feedback to improve every aspect or your game.
  • Actionable exercises and homework.
  • Access to our CP Video Library with a custom learning plan.
  • Unlimited text support

Here’s Your Invite to Work With Me and and Have Me Personally Mentor You in Your Poker Business

The price for my 1-1 VIP coaching starts at $2,500/mo. But, I am likely increasing prices soon due to capacity issues.

And between my current VIP clients, my poker, my traveling, and my other business commitments, I have the bandwidth to take on 1-2 clients per month.

Understandably, this is a sizable investment for most and not for everyone.

And it depends on your requirements, and your goals.

If you are happy with the pace of growth that self-study offers, and your goal is to be a winning player at $2/$5 NL, check out the next best thing, which is the Conscious Poker Membership.

But, if the goal is to accelerate your success, and to evolve into the best poker player you can ever be..

By having direct access to me as your personal mentor,

Click on this link, and take the next step now


Talk soon,

Alec Torelli