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The Preflop Mastery Program was created to maximize your preflop play skills to win more money in any game you play in. It is the ultimate guide to mastering your preflop game for both cash game and tournament play.

Learn to isolate weaker players, exploit your opponents, optimal 3 betting strategy, and which hands to play from each and every position.

With a 12 part video series, 10 custom designed hand range charts and practical tips to implement this strategy into your own game, you’ll complete this program feeling confident and secure in your preflop play, giving you a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Why I Created This Program?

Preflop is the first decision you’ll make at the poker table.

It’s also one of the most important.

That’s because if you make a mistake preflop, the cost of having poor fundamentals far beyond that one single bet.

Which leads us to why preflop play is so crucial to winning money at poker: errors compound throughout the hand.

And that innocent call you made preflop ends up costing you 10, 20, or even 50 bets on a later street.

All because of a simple preflop mistake.

The good news is that these mistakes can virtually be eliminated.

In the Preflop Mastery Program you’ll learn everything you need to master your preflop fundamentals and take advantage of never before seen opportunities.

Playing correctly preflop is more than simple avoiding so-called ‘trap’ hands like King-Jack offsuit.

It’s finding that balance between caution and aggression.
It’s knowing how and when to isolate weak players and avoid good ones.
It’s sizing up each situation and ensuring you’re playing the hand on your terms.

You’ll learn all that and more in this guide.

Successful professionals look for every chance to take advantage of weakness, while carefully manoeuvring their way through the sea of other sharks.

Preflop is by far the moment where most players make easily avoidable mistakes. In my preflop program, you’ll get your hands on 10 custom built preflop charts that tell you which hands to play from each position.

Because memorizing is a monotonous task and math isn’t that fun, I made these charts super easy to digest. Along with these hand charts, you’ll get an in depth video training system which helps you implement this strategy directly into your own game.

Lastly, I priced this product in a way that I could be sure that those who bought it would easily recover their investment by preventing a few mistakes and taking advantage of new opportunities.


7 page PDF on preflop poker strategy.

10 spreadsheets that tell you exactly what hands to play from each position.

Unique spreadsheets for full ring and 6 max play.

When to vary your raise sizing preflop using my ‘Pre 3’

How to adjust your game and mix up your game.

My ‘Big 5’ considerations for preflop play.

All my best ‘Hand of the Day’ videos on preflop play in one place.

Exclusive bonus video ‘The Secret to Winning Money at Poker’ available only to those who purchase this guide.

9 additional Video Modules featuring in-depth strategy for limped pots, raised pots, blind play, playing in position, adjusting to raises, playing vs 3. bets, straddled pots, All-In situations, and more.


7 page PDF on preflop poker strategy.

Preflop play is arguably the most important because your decision to play the hand affects every other decision you will make.

You cannot win at poker without solid preflop fundamentals.

Preflop is where most players make the biggest mistakes.

Mistakes you make preflop compound throughout the hand and end up costing you a fortune.

Because one raise preflop pays for the entire program.

Because investing in yourself is the only way to get better.

Because I wouldn’t sell you something that wasn’t worth the money.

Optimal for both cash games and tournaments.