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We, at Conscious Poker have helped more than 3,000 players get better at the game that all of us love to death. But, don’t take our word for it. Instead, check out what our community members are saying about us!

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I had my most winning and most confident month playing poker since I started!
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I Won €13,741 working with Alec and Conscious Poker
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7 Sessions in 2019 undefeated!
How Your Break Down Hands Has Helped…
I Make the Read with No Fear and Utmost Confidence!
Short Stack Ninja Skills!
Best Investment so far Poker Related…
I Managed to Handle Some Difficult Customers Using Your Inspirational Tips!
Never Played the Way I am Playing Now!
Amazing Poker Vlogs! Great Help to My Game!
Thank you for the Direction and Mindset
Helped me Improve My Game by Leaps and Bounds!
Thank You For Helping Me Grow as a Player
What A Video Very inspiring
Learned More From Your Vids Than Any Book or Course
Like Your 4 Steps to Overcoming Losses!
Listen to Your Strategy Videos on the Way to the Casino!
You Thinking Process is Clear!
You Are Reading My Mind with Your Tips!
Best Hand Analysis Of All Coaches…
Love How You Give Back…Your Wisdom About the Game
Have Been Able to Reduce Tilt Massively!
Opened up My Mind About How Poker Works!
Been a member for 2 Weeks, and a Remarkable Difference in Cash Games
Learning to Keep My Emotions in Check
How to Make Unstoppably Good Decisions
Your Advice Has Had a Profound Impact on My Career as a Pro
Playing Poker for 15 Years, But Never Thought About it The Way You Explained
Signed up Last Year and Took My Game a Complete 180!
A Positive Influence Not Only In Poker, But Also in Life
Learned More From You Than a College Course
Hand Reading Webinar More Practical/Insightful Than Any
Crushed it playing Cash Last Two Nights
The Hand Reading Masterclass was one of the Most Enjoyable Workshops!
Thanks for the Motivation
10/10 Winning Sessions, Averaging 27 bb/hr
Had No Idea How Little I Knew About Poker Until I Joined Conscious Poker
Alec’s Podcast Opened up My Perspective
Thanks to Alec, on the Verge of Turning Pro
You’re the Role Model
$119 Hourly This Year
I’m more confident in my decision making and have a clear framework to think.
WILL change you game, and help you truly CRUSH!
I was able to build my stack, knock out players, play heads up for 40 minutes and win.
Learning how to approach each hand fundamentally….
You can share your thoughts, your opinions with the community
Once I Plugged My Leaks, I Skyrocketed!
Even Set up a Home Game with Players Across the Globe!
Up $26K in a month since I started working with Alec
3 Days Since I Completed the Course, and Already Paid for the Program Using Just Some of the Techniques
My Mental Game is So Much Better
My Group is Shocked by How Much My Poker Game Has Improved
If You are Serious About Your Game, Go for it!
I have learned how to evaluate Ranges…Bet Sizing…